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Knifehand Challenge: 21 in '21

Knifehand Challenge: 21 in '21

We know it takes 21 days to form new habits. Take control of your health and kickstart February (2/1/2021) by building healthy habits with the Knifehand Challenge: 21 in '21

If nutrition and exercise are the cause, then happiness and wellbeing are the effect. Knifehand has removed the guesswork to make nutrition and exercising an easy and attainable habit in the new year. Forget the stress of shopping, cooking or dishes with our deliciously prepared meals delivered each week! No more guilt when throwing out fresh food because ours frozen with no preservatives! Stay on track with our sample meal plans and exercise plans. Stay motivated and connected with other members in our Facebook group and LIVE check-ins every Friday night.

Benefit 1: Choose the plan that best fits you and your goals:

  • Lean Package - 1,500+ calories per day
    • Eligible for Free shipping
    • 3 meals per day
    • This option is ideal for leaning out or lose weight
    • Great for beginners or if you're easing back in


  • Gain Package - 2,000+ calories per day
    • Eligible for Free shipping
    • 4 meals per day - save $2 per meal, saves you $126!
    • This option is for gaining or maintaining current weight
    • Great for taking your performance to the next level


Benefit 2: Blueprint For Success

We GUARANTEE RESULTS with the Knifehand Advantage. Experience guided success with the following benefits included in your challenge:

  • Meal Prep Delivered - every meal you need for the entire 21 day challenge
  • Meal Plan Template - examples of daily meal plans to keep you fueled
  • Exercise Plan Template - examples of daily exercise plans to keep you moving

Benefit 3: Community Driven

It's no secret diet and exercise is the recipe to a healthier lifestyle, but there's something special about doing it together. Your challenge includes the following support:

  • Game Changers - access to our motivational Facebook group
  • Weekly Check-Ins - Q&A and tips for winning the weekend every Friday night

Benefit 4: Crossing The Finish Line

What an accomplishment! You completed the challenge, formed healthy habits, and strengthened your support network along the way. Here's what else you get for successfully completing the challenge:

  • Completion Certificate - you did it! Proof is in the results, but this will look nice on your wall with your other achievements!
  • Free T-Shirt - you were family before, but now you can rep your squad in style!
  • Discount on meals - keep the momentum of your new habit going with $10 meals for the rest of 2021!



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