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MAY 2020
Knifehand Nutrition: Veteran-owned meal prep business opens in Auburn

Knifehand used a commercial kitchen at Nelson Farms Country Store in Cazenovia until early this year, when Dunaway prepared to move the business to the DeWitt area. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, he said, his bank funding fell through and he turned to plan B: Auburn.



APRIL 2020
Plant-based meal delivery service launches in Syracuse

Joe Dunaway has always been a hustler. The Marine Corps veteran is well versed in juggling his full-time job as an accountant, family, working out and his side hustle. To help make his daily schedule a bit easier, he started meal prepping for himself. Soon, he began getting requests from family and friends to help them meal prep. “Having that meal ready, is just so convenient, it saves me time to do all these other things,” said Dunaway.

MARCH 2019
New business promises plant-based meals made easy

As a Marine serving in Iraq, Joseph Dunaway was in charge of making sure his convoys were equipped with food, water, ammo and other supplies. While his setting and scenario have greatly changed, Dunaway is still making sure people get fed. In 2018, he started Knifehand Nutrition, selling prepared meals at pop-up events, as well as on Saturdays at the CNY Regional Market, that follow a strict plant-based diet free of processed foods.